søndag den 6. april 2014

Back from London

Back from London!

Hello lovelies! 

As you might have guessed by the title and from earlier posts, I've been to London and now i'm back home. I went for make-up shortcourse and it was so GOOD! 
I will admit that I had my doubts before leaving, because I was going alone and I didn't even know if the course would be any good. 
It turned out that the course was really good. I learned lots of techniques, different looks and about different colours etc. The course took place on London University Of The Arts situated in an area called Lime Grove. It was a 10 minute trainride from oxford street and in general central London. 

If you are interested in taking a course, I would definitely recommend this course. (It's mostly for people who want to learn to put make-up on others, but there are other courses if you just want to learn how to do your own make-up) It is quite expensive but its really worth it! 

I met some lovely people and my teacher, Sam Walker is an amazing teacher and make-up artist. (Check out her website HERE ) 

In the airport before leaving

 Outside the school

 The street the school was located

 Our inspiration pictures

 My hotel ( My room was by the top window )
 My dad in Hyde Park

 Me by an advert of the school

 St. James Park

 St. James Park

 Mom, dad and Big Ben

Me and Big Ben

My mom and dad decided to take a weekend trip to London whilst I was there, so they arrived Thursday and we had an AMAZING weekend with shopping, good food and sightseeing. 

London is my favorite city to visit and if my boyfriend was on board I would move there for sure! 

Hope you enjoyed to see some of the pictures from my trip and i'll "see" you soon! 
(I took some pictures of the make-up looks I did too, but I haven't asked the persons permission to post them online) 

Lots of love - Caroline