tirsdag den 24. december 2013

Blogmas Over and Out

Blogmas Over and Out 

Hello lovelies! 
Todays is the 24th of December, which means blogmas is done. I have been a really bad blogmas blogger, because I only got to Day 18... It was a lot harder than I had thought it would be, and also I wasn't good enough prepared. BUT I hope you enjoyed the posts anyway, and next year I PROMISE to be better prepared. 

When thats said and done, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!
In denmark we eat christmas dinner, sing carols and open presents today, so i'm super excited and right at this moment i am sitting all cuddled up in my christmas cardigan and leggins, watching a christmas movie. 

I've actually already opened a present, because my best firend Katarina from http://www.kautekouture.com/ and I, have a christmas tradition, where we open eachothers gift on christmas morning and then we call eachother to say merry christmas and say thanks for the presents. 
Here are the presents she gave me! 

(Thanks again babe!)

And here are some christmassy pictures! 

Christmas tree shopping with my dad.

Our christmas tree

Lots of Christmassy love - Caroline

fredag den 20. december 2013

Blogmas day 18 - Christmas chatter

Christmas chatter 

I thought I would just sit down, and do a proper chat with all of you, about what i've been up too these past few days. I haven't had much work on the school I teach at (I'm a supply teacher) so I have had a few days where I could get some things done. 
I finally got finished with buying all of my christmas presents, AND I wrapped all of them. I got to catch up with my best friend Katarina from http://www.kautekouture.com/ As usually we went to Starbucks - thats kinda our thing, and just talked. There is simply nothing better than one of those heart to heart conversations with your best friend. 

I took a little snap of her, (hope you dont mind me posting it babe!) 

I have also been trying to find an internship because I want to start on cosmetician training (I dont know if this is the propper name, but its kinda like a beauty school) And to get excepted you'll need and internship first.
When I wasn't running around doing errands and other things, I was watching Glee. Now, I was very skeptical at first because I just didn't think I would like it.. But now I am obsessed with it and I really enjoy lying in bed and listening to all the great music. Its just a really good series!

I think this is going to be it for today. If you've read all of this post then YAY and I hope it wasn't too boring! 


Lots of Christmassy love - Caroline

Blogmas Day 17 - Makeup cravings

Makeup Cravings

1. Le teint Touche Èclat from Yves Saint Laurent
2. Mineralize Blush "Warm Soul" from MAC
3. Color Sensational Lipstick #108 Pink Pearl from Maybelline. 
4. In extreme Dimension 3D black Mascara - MAC

During December I have been a very good girl, because i've bought loads of presents for my family and friends and none for myself! The only thing is, it has left me with a huge desire to shop and a deep craving for new makeup. 

How beautiful are these colours?? I am very good at staying in my comfort zone when it comes to makeup colours and I really love the nudes and pinks (As you might already know, if you have been following my blog for a while) 

Have you tried any of these products? 


Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

torsdag den 19. december 2013

Blogmas Day 16 - Christmas movies

My Three Favorite Christmas Movies! 

Hello guys! 
Yes, i am trying to catch up on blogmas, so if some of you are wondering why its blogmas day 16 when its actually the 19th, thats why. 

Todays post is about my two favorite christmas movies. They are not at all the same genre, but they both really make me feel christmassy. 

1. Eight Crazy Nights (2002)

Davey Stone is an alcoholic holiday hater who is sentenced to community service under the supervision of an elderly referee called Whitey. Davey is faced with trying to reform and abandon his bad habits while trying to cope with the loss of his parents when he was little. 

My opinion: 
I love this movie. It has a great story while being very funny! I wouldn't recommend younger children to watch it because it has moments with bad words and inappropriate scenes. It is  a really sweet tale and leaves you with a good feeling. 

2. Love Actually (2003)
Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England. 

My opinion: (My Favorite)
The movie is a star-packed romantic comedy. I wanna bet that its gonna make a lot of holiday romantics feel very good. It is a very heartwarming movie and I always feel cozy while watching it. I feel like every girl should watch this movie, especially if youre into romance and feel-good movies!

3. The Holiday

Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other's countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love. 

My opinion:
Of course the holiday's also a favorite of mine. I've seen that movie a
 BILION times and it just never get boring. Even my boyfriend thinks this movie is sweet, and it really is! Its just... I dont even know how to describe it, but if you didn't already wanted to move to England, this will absolutely make you want to.
Every girl, including myself loves a little Jude Law drooling and he is gorg in this movie! 

What are youre favorite christmas movies?


Lots of christmassy love - Caroline 

onsdag den 18. december 2013

Blogmas Day 15 - 3. Advent present

Advent present

Hello lovelies!
I have been a very bad blogger these last few days, and I apologize! The inspiration and willpower to write anything, has been very absent but Im gonna try to make up for it!

As i've gotten an advent present every sunday of december and written a post about it, last sunday was no exception. Although I did not get a present from my boyfriend because the last one he got me was so big (read here ) 

So from my mom and dad, i got a new MAC eyeshadow for my pallette. 

From the right - Blanc type - All that Glitters - Woodwinked
Next row from the right - Wedge - Divine Decadence - Mystery
and last but not least Satin Taupe. 

Satin Taupe was the one I got last sunday, I have already fallen completely in love with it, as I did with all the other colours! MAC eyeshadows are so good, they are easy to apply and blend and there are SO many beautiful colours! 

Do you have any MAC eyeshadows? One you would recommend? 


Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

lørdag den 14. december 2013

Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping 

Hello everyone! 
Yesterday I had a really nice time christmas shopping with my mom. We went to Strøget, which is a shopping street or area in Copenhagen. We both got almost all our presents bought, and then we stopped for some hot cocoa and a little treat at a little cozy café. I really enjoy trips like this with my mom because with both of us working, we dont have a lot of time to do these type of things. 

Igår havde jeg en super hyggelig dag med min mor, hvor vi var ude og juleshoppe! Vi var på Strøget, som er SÅ hyggelig pyntet op. Vi fik næsten købt alle vores gaver, og så stoppede vi ved en café og fik en kop kakao og en lille kage. 
Jeg nyder virkelig dage som de her, fordi når vi begge arbejder er det svært at finde tid til det. 

I took a few snaps of the christmas decorating in there. 
Jeg tog nogle få billeder af juledekorationerne derinde.

And an awkvard public selfie of my mom and I (My best friend in the whole world!)
Og et lidt akavet billede af min mor og jeg (Min aller bedste ven)

Have you bought all your christmas presents?
Har du købt alle dine julegaver?


Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

fredag den 13. december 2013


Hellooooo, and welcome to Blogmas Day 13! My name is Katarina, I'm Caroline's best friend and I write my own blog over on www.kautekouture.com!
Today I have the pleasure of taking over Caroline's blogmas and writing a little post from me to you. Also, Happy Friday the 13th! I hope you're not superstitious.
My post today is going to be about the top 3 things that's keeping me warm and cosy this december. You may call it Christmas Cosies, if you will.

The first thing is a rather new addition to my wardrobe, actually. It's this gorgeous huuuuuuge(!) scarf from Zara. It's a mostly green tartan print on one side, very in fashion this season, and a print that probably has a proper fancy name, but I like to call it fishtail, on the other side. It's just a really nice and cosy scarf that looks amazing and keeps me warm and toasty this december.

The next thing is not a clothing item, but a candle! I am a massive fan of scented candles, and especially Christmas scented candles! Usually around november, I order a load of Christmassy Yankee candle samplers (those are my favourites!) that I burn throughout the winter months. I really like Home Sweet Home and Cranberry Peppermint, which I'm burning right now.

The last item is a bobble beanie hat! This particular one is from Primark, but I have similar ones in different colours from H&M and Accessorize. Personally, I think they are the cutest winter hats, and they suit everyone. This one is navy blue (my favourite colour at the moment) but I want to get a black one as well, to keep my ears nice and warm while looking adorable!

I hope you liked this post and be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas Cosies are! xxx

torsdag den 12. december 2013

Blogmas dag 12 - Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Hello lovelies
This is the post I have been waiting to upload.. This is the post about christmas lights! 
I live in a town outside of Copenhagen and there is this road not to far from me, where they really know how to decorate for christmas. I've never been there before, but it was amazing! It really made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. I probably sound a bit weird, but if you are a christmas lover like me, then I hope you enjoy this post. 

Det her opslag er det jeg har ventet på at uploade... Det er opslaget om JULELYS! Jeg bor i en by udenfor købehavn, og der er en vej ikke så langt væk fra hvor jeg bor, hvor de virkelig kan finde ud af at pynte op til jul. Jeg har aldrig været der før, men det var fantastisk. Det varmede seriøst mit hjerte! Jeg lyder måske en smule mærkelig, men hvis du er en ligeså stor julefan som mig, så håber jeg du kan lide dette opslag!

Here are the pictures! 

I realize that these pictures are not very good, and it might have been because I was too excited.. Feel free to send me pictures of christmas lights, because it really makes me feel SO christmassy! 

Billederne er ikke blevet særlig gode, og det har måske noget at gøre med at jeg blev så spændt... I er meget velkomne til at sende mig billeder af julelys, fordi det får mig virkelig i julestemning! 

Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

onsdag den 11. december 2013

Blagmas day 11 - Christmas make-up

Christmas make-up

Hello there! 
Today I was looking for some inspiration for how my christmas make-up should look like and I wanted to share the pictures and videos with you that I found helpful and inspirational.

Idag sad jeg og kiggede efter noget inspiration, til hvordan jeg skulle lægge mit make-up her til jul og jeg tænkte at jeg ville vise jer hvilke billeder og videoer jeg fandt inspirerende. 

I really like both of these make-up looks because the eyes are some what subtle and then they have the red lips to give the look this festive and glamorous look. I am a huge fan of Emma Watson, and I think she could pull of many looks, and this look is no exception. I also really like the rose/pink cheeks, because it looks like she has just been out in the cold and came inside. These are makeup looks that I am very likely to be wearing this christmas. 

Jeg kan virkelig godt lide de her to makeup looks, fordi de har ladet øjnene være nogenlunde naturlige, også har de, røde læber til at gøre makeuppen festlig og glamourøs. Jeg er en kæmpe fan af Emma Watson, og jeg tror at alt makeup ville klæde hende, og det her look er ikke nogen undtagelse. Jeg kan rigtig godt lide de lyserøde kinder, fordi det ligner hun lige har været ude i kulden og bagefter kommet ind i varmen. De her to looks er nogle som jeg helt sikkert kunne finde på at lægge til jul.  

There is nothing more suitable for fall and winter than plummy red lips. I love the look on the left, especially for someone with a darker skin tone, but of course both of these looks are amazing. If 
i decide to be a little more bold, where both the eyes and the lips are a bit more dramatic, then these would be perfect! 

So far, this winter i have been really into looking as natural as possible. I love the light rosy colour on my cheeks and baby pink lips, so it looks like you have just been out in the snow, and you've come back inside. 

Der er ikke noget mere klædeligt om vinteren end blommerøde læber. Jeg elsker makeuppen til venstre, især til kvinder med mørkere hud men selvfølgelig er begge de her looks fantastiske. Hvis jeg beslutter mig for at være lidt mere modig, hvor både øjnene og læber er lidt mere dramatiske, ville disse looks være perfekte. 

Denne vinter har jeg indtil videre været vild med at se så naturlig ud som mulig. Jeg elsker de lyserøde kinder og læber, så det ligner at man lige har været ude i sneen, og så er kommet ind igen. 

As far as videos, I've really enjoyed watching Ingrid's (from MissGlamorazzi) Get ready with me Holiday Party Makeup, Hair, and Outfit. Its just a really nice video to watch. 
I absolutely loves the makeup, especially the eyes! 
Watch the video below!
Af videoer, har jeg virkelig nydt at se Ingrid's (fra MissGlamorazzi) Get ready with me Holiday Party Makeup, Hair, and Outfit. Det er bare en rigtig god video at se. Jeg elsker 
makeuppen, især øjnene! 
Se videoen nedenunder! 

What are you going to wear this christmas?
Hvordan skal din makeup være denne jul?

Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

tirsdag den 10. december 2013

Blogmas day 10 - NOTD

Nailpolish and Tuesday diary

Hello lovelies!
So today is gonna be a mix between telling you about my day, and showing you one of the nailpolishes from yesterdays post Here 

So today I had some classes at the school I teach at. I had the kindergarden class all day, and BOY can that be a challenge! They are obviously really cute, but you have to have ALOT of patience! They were really hyper today for some reason so to calm them down  
we listend to a story while they drew pictures. I ended up going home with a bunch of drawings they had made for me, so of course that made the day all better! 

I dags opslag kommer til at være et mix mellem at fortælle jer om min dag og vise jer den neglelak jeg har på idag. 
Idag havde jeg nogle timer på den skole jeg er vikar på. Jeg havde børnehaveklassen hele dagen, og det kan være lidt af en udfordring! De er selvfølgelig super søde, men man skal have en masse tålmodighed! Af en eller anden grund var de super hyper idag, så for at få dem til at slappe af, sluttede vi dagen af med lytte til en historie mens de sad og tegnede. Jeg gik hjem med en masse tegninger som de havde lavet til mig, så det gjorde selvfølgelig dagen meget bedre!

Here are my nails of the day
Her er neglelakken jeg har på idag. 

The nailpolish is from Mavala and is called 92 New Dehli
Den her neglelak er fra Mavala og hedder det der står ovenover (Doven much?)

Its a super pretty, christmassy colour. 
Det er en super fin jule farver

So that is going to be all for today! 
Det er alt for idag!

What has your day been like? 
Hvordan har din dag været?

Lots of love - Caroline

mandag den 9. december 2013

Blogmas Day 9 - 2. advent presents

Advent Presents!

Hello lovelies!
So last sunday I explained how I got advent presents every sunday in December (check it out here) And here is what I this time. 
Her er søndags advents gaver!

Sephora box (From my boyfriend)
Sleek Palette (From my boyfriend)

Nailpolishes (From my parents)

Did you get any presents?
Har du fået nogle adventsgaver?

Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

Blogmas Day 7 - Christmas wishlist

Christmas wishlist

Hello lovelies!
Sorry about the lack of posts these past few days, of course I will be catching up today with 2 or 3 posts! I've just had two days with total relaxation with my boyfriend and family. 

Here are the things i wish for, this christmas! 

MAC - Blending brush

MAC eyeshadows - Satin Taupe, Shroom, Patina, Mulch, Handwritten, Black Berry or Black tied.

CHANEL - Mat black nailpolish

Dolce&Gabbana - Rose the one perfume

Hairstraightner- GHD Gold classic Styler 

MarcbyMarc Jacobs wallet

Lots of christmassy love - Caroline

fredag den 6. december 2013

Blogmas Day 6 - Top Ten Christmas songs

Top ten Christmas songs

Todays blogmas is my top ten favorite christmas songs. Although I dont know if its in order.
Idags opslag er min top ti jule sange. Jeg ved dog ikke om det er i den rigtige rækkefølge. 

Do they know its christmas - Band aid 20

Santa baby - Eartha Kitt

Baby its cold outside - Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer

merry christmas happy holidays - nsync

winter wonderland - johnny mathis

all i want for christmas - olivia Olson

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Michael Buble

Merry Christmas everyone - Shakin' Stevens

My only wish this year - britney spears 

Last christmas - wham!


That is all for todays post
Og det var alt for idag

Lots of lchristmassy love - Caroline

torsdag den 5. december 2013

Blogmas Day 5 - Christmas Goodies

Christmas goodies

Hello lovelies! 

This month I decided that I would do "Blogmas" - blogging everyday until Christmas!  Feel free to check out the other posts in my blog archive. 

Warning! This post is about what directly translated from danish to english is called
 oatmeal balls..
I dont know if any other countries make these, besides Denmark but it is not at all disgusting as it sounds like. They are little delicious Christmas goodies, and here is how to make these easy treats.

I denne måned har jeg besluttet mig for at lave det såkaldte "Blogmas" - som altså er, at jeg blogger hver dag, indtil juleaften. 

Hej alle sammen! 
Håber i nyder December og får lavet en masse hyggelige ting! Selv, besluttede jeg mig for at lave havregrynskugler og ville dele opskriften med jer! 
Der er mange forskellige måder at lave dem på, men denne metode var den letteste jeg kunne finde :-)

1. Take a bowl/Tag en skål

2. Measure of 125 grams of oatmeal and place it in the bowl/Tag 125 g havregryn og put det i skålen.

3. Add 75 grams of icing sugar/ Tilføj 75 g flormelis

4. Add 4 tablespoons of cocoa/Put 4 spsk kakao i

5. Mix the dry products together/Bland de tørre produkter sammen

6. Add 50 grams of butter, and blend it with the other ingredients/Tilføj 50 g smør og bland det med de andre ingredienser. (Gerne massér eller mas smørret sammen med de andre produkter med fingrene)

7. Lastly pour 0.5 decilitre of milk in the mixture ( Pour it in a little by little because you dont want the mixture to be too wet ) /Til sidst, hæld 0.5 deciliter mælk i blandingen, men lidt af gangen, fordi det må ikke blive alt for sjasket. 

8. Mix it together and form the mixture into balls and roll them in desiccated coconut / Bland det sammen og form det til små bolde og rul dem i kokos. 

Have you made any christmas goodies? xx

Lots of christmassy love - Caroline