fredag den 13. december 2013


Hellooooo, and welcome to Blogmas Day 13! My name is Katarina, I'm Caroline's best friend and I write my own blog over on!
Today I have the pleasure of taking over Caroline's blogmas and writing a little post from me to you. Also, Happy Friday the 13th! I hope you're not superstitious.
My post today is going to be about the top 3 things that's keeping me warm and cosy this december. You may call it Christmas Cosies, if you will.

The first thing is a rather new addition to my wardrobe, actually. It's this gorgeous huuuuuuge(!) scarf from Zara. It's a mostly green tartan print on one side, very in fashion this season, and a print that probably has a proper fancy name, but I like to call it fishtail, on the other side. It's just a really nice and cosy scarf that looks amazing and keeps me warm and toasty this december.

The next thing is not a clothing item, but a candle! I am a massive fan of scented candles, and especially Christmas scented candles! Usually around november, I order a load of Christmassy Yankee candle samplers (those are my favourites!) that I burn throughout the winter months. I really like Home Sweet Home and Cranberry Peppermint, which I'm burning right now.

The last item is a bobble beanie hat! This particular one is from Primark, but I have similar ones in different colours from H&M and Accessorize. Personally, I think they are the cutest winter hats, and they suit everyone. This one is navy blue (my favourite colour at the moment) but I want to get a black one as well, to keep my ears nice and warm while looking adorable!

I hope you liked this post and be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas Cosies are! xxx

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