fredag den 20. december 2013

Blogmas day 18 - Christmas chatter

Christmas chatter 

I thought I would just sit down, and do a proper chat with all of you, about what i've been up too these past few days. I haven't had much work on the school I teach at (I'm a supply teacher) so I have had a few days where I could get some things done. 
I finally got finished with buying all of my christmas presents, AND I wrapped all of them. I got to catch up with my best friend Katarina from As usually we went to Starbucks - thats kinda our thing, and just talked. There is simply nothing better than one of those heart to heart conversations with your best friend. 

I took a little snap of her, (hope you dont mind me posting it babe!) 

I have also been trying to find an internship because I want to start on cosmetician training (I dont know if this is the propper name, but its kinda like a beauty school) And to get excepted you'll need and internship first.
When I wasn't running around doing errands and other things, I was watching Glee. Now, I was very skeptical at first because I just didn't think I would like it.. But now I am obsessed with it and I really enjoy lying in bed and listening to all the great music. Its just a really good series!

I think this is going to be it for today. If you've read all of this post then YAY and I hope it wasn't too boring! 


Lots of Christmassy love - Caroline

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