tirsdag den 24. december 2013

Blogmas Over and Out

Blogmas Over and Out 

Hello lovelies! 
Todays is the 24th of December, which means blogmas is done. I have been a really bad blogmas blogger, because I only got to Day 18... It was a lot harder than I had thought it would be, and also I wasn't good enough prepared. BUT I hope you enjoyed the posts anyway, and next year I PROMISE to be better prepared. 

When thats said and done, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!
In denmark we eat christmas dinner, sing carols and open presents today, so i'm super excited and right at this moment i am sitting all cuddled up in my christmas cardigan and leggins, watching a christmas movie. 

I've actually already opened a present, because my best firend Katarina from http://www.kautekouture.com/ and I, have a christmas tradition, where we open eachothers gift on christmas morning and then we call eachother to say merry christmas and say thanks for the presents. 
Here are the presents she gave me! 

(Thanks again babe!)

And here are some christmassy pictures! 

Christmas tree shopping with my dad.

Our christmas tree

Lots of Christmassy love - Caroline

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  1. aw i hope you had a lovely christmas!its so cool that u and ur friend have that tradition:)she gave u some awesome gifts:)I'm now following your blog lovely:)xx