søndag den 30. november 2014

Starbucks and friends

Starbucks chats

Hello lovelies!

Ever since I met my best chummy Katarina ( from www.katarinajulie.com ) we have been going on Starbucks dates almost everytime we get together, and we always have the best time just chatting away! 

As typical bloggers we decided to use the opportunity to take some pictures!  

White cozy jumper - Gina Tricot

Plain white t-shirt - H&M
Jeans - Monkii

mandag den 24. november 2014

WIWB-Why its worth buying part 1

 WIWB - Why Its Worth Buying 

- YSL Touche Èclat highlighter pen

This Yves Saint Laurent product has been raved about many times, and  when my parents went to Nice on Holiday I asked my mom to get it for me (although it wasn't much cheaper in France) 

I will start out by saying that I really like this hightlighter. I love how subtle a glow this gives on my skin. It blends smoothly and looks very flawless. It looks radient and healthy.
I will say that this product is not for concealing, its more of a highlighting pen with no shimmer, and no glitter. It just gives a pure glowing skin. 

The design: 
The packaging is beautiful and very elegant.
The brush makes for easy application and not much wastage!

The wear: 
Good - It has a light coverage, great for daily wear that isn't heavy or cakey
Bad - It is not going to cover any dark circles og blemishes (dont expect it to be a concealer with coverage)

290 danish kroner
Around 48 dollars
Around 30 pounds

Its fragrance free

Crispy winter days

Crispy winter days

For those cold crispy winter days an oversized jumper is a must have, another thing I really enjoy are jump and playsuits, because its so easy to throw on in the morning!

Knitted oversized jumper - H&M
Playsuit - H&M
Tights - Primark
Boots - Bianco
Feather necklace - Asos
Bracelet with heart - Local jeweler

søndag den 16. november 2014

Tumblr obsessed

Tumblr obsessed

There is something about tumblr... Everytime I go on there I find new inspirations and new goals that I want to reach.
I thought I would show you A FEW of the pictures I hae been liking, the past week, and if you are interested, I would do one every week? Of course you could also just follow my tumblr, but if you like me, like some writing too, let me know in the comments. 

"I want to wake up to a view like that someday"   

"I want to go to London or Paris"

"That looks dangerous yet very romantic - I want to do that!"

"Beautiful pic...Where can I get that bedding??"

"That is SO accurate - Choice IS the thing"

"So chic"

"Number 1 goal in life" 


Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather 

Though I love many things about autumn and winter - the crispy cold weather, warm sweaters, candles and hot drinks. It doesn't take a lot of long dark grey days before I can get a little sad and depressed. Today was one of those days, but my boyfriend and I decided to go outside,and take some pictures for the blog, collect some leaves for a project I am doing and just to have a nice day out. It ended up being such a lovely day, having fun outside and cuddling in bed with Sons Of Anarchy (On our first episode, so no spoilers, please) 

And a beautiful picture of my dear boyfriend and I.
I swear everytime he smiles on a picture, his eyes are closed - so the only one I have is this...