søndag den 16. november 2014

Tumblr obsessed

Tumblr obsessed

There is something about tumblr... Everytime I go on there I find new inspirations and new goals that I want to reach.
I thought I would show you A FEW of the pictures I hae been liking, the past week, and if you are interested, I would do one every week? Of course you could also just follow my tumblr, but if you like me, like some writing too, let me know in the comments. 

"I want to wake up to a view like that someday"   

"I want to go to London or Paris"

"That looks dangerous yet very romantic - I want to do that!"

"Beautiful pic...Where can I get that bedding??"

"That is SO accurate - Choice IS the thing"

"So chic"

"Number 1 goal in life" 


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