mandag den 10. marts 2014

Get Ready With Me - Reunion Party

Get Ready With Me - Reunion Party

Hello lovelies! 

Last weekend my best friend Katarina and I went to our old school's reunion party. and I thought I would do a little Get Ready With Me post! 

I chose to do my make-up very natural and I curled my hair. 

I wore a chiffon top like this but mine is see-through flowerprinted. 
Black skinny jeans from Monki
a black blazer and heels 

You can check Katarinas post out HERE 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Lots of love - Caroline

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  1. I really like the top you wore and I hope you had a fab time! X

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Thank you babe! I really did, so good to catch up with everybody! xx