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Uh Oh Education

Uh Oh Education...

This is going to be a long one)

This might seem as an odd blogpost, but I really want to write about how I feel, and hopefully help others in the whole education procedure.
This blogpost is about trying to choose what your future is going to contain, and what you are going to do the rest of your life (education and job wise).

See, I have been feeling very confused, sad, pressured, and so many other things the past year, and that is because I have had to choose, or at least think about, what I want to do, what I want to study, and so on. That is a VERY difficult decision to make, when you have absolutely no idea which direction you want to go.

To make you understand exactly how confused I’ve been, here are all the different studies I've looked at:

First, I wanted to be a teacher - I then worked at a school for a year just to try it out.
After three months, I found out, that teaching was not for me.
I then thought that I wanted to study English at Uni - because you can always use English.
At that time, the application deadline was overdue.
I then wanted to be a cosmetician, but my interest was not so much skincare as it is make-up.
Now I thought that make-up artist was the thing for me, but that is EXTREMELY expensive.
Now my gap year was almost over, and I began to FREAK out!
So I applied for some universities (almost without looking at what I was going to study)
And I got in at a University three hours away from home, studying Danish.

Now we are all caught up, I had my first day last Friday, and I already know that it is not going to work for me, because all the school work + the commute + a bunch of other things will not work in the long run.

While all of this was going on, I was thinking that ANOTHER gap year would be viewed upon as lazy, and like I didn't have anything in order, or planned (meaning my life).
But TODAY I had a long conversation with my mom and dad, and after talking for a while, I decided to drop out of Uni and take another gap year. My parents were and are very understanding and are completely behind me!

But this was not an easy decision for me to make. I have always known what my next step is, and suddenly I have no clue. I know that a lot of you are thinking that I’m crazy, a second gap year is no big deal, and it isn't! It is the not knowing that is hard.

I have been forced to learn to take it easy, and have had to realise that your future isn't something to want to rush. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders today, because I decided to take it easy and just see how the future enrols. I really hope that if any of you are in the same situation as me, that this post will make you feel like YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE STRUGGLING TO FIGURE THIS WHOLE THING OUT. This is a very important message for me to send.
As my dad always says "No one said that it has to be easy" but things will work out, you just have to give it some time.

I really hope that this will help some of you, and I’m happy if just ONE of you can relate and has found this helpful.

If you has come to the very end of the blogpost, WELL DONE YOU!
I’m so glad I have this site, this space to let my feelings out.

Lots of love - Caroline

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