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WIWB-Why its worth buying part 2

 WIWB-Why its worth buying

Benefit "GimmeBrow"

I know i'm very late with this review, but I have had this lovely product for quite a while, and I thought that if some of you still haven't tried it, i would give you a few reasons as to why you should! 

I use the colour light/medium and it is a brilliant ashy toned colour. It has no red undertones which is very important because my face already has those! The colour is also extremely buildable without going chumpy or crispy.  It gets all the little hairs and stay on very well, even after a full day of work. 
The micro-mini wand really seems to give you more precision. It is definetly a long-wearing formula that doesn't give you those stiff brows. Its great for filling in gaps ans keeping unruly hairs in place. 
After my opinion it is all you can ask for in a brow gel! 

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