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MAC "Indulge" collection fall 2013 (Eyeshadows)

MAC "Indulge" collection fall 2013 (Eyeshadows)

Hello lovelies! 

I am currently taking a look at the new MAC fall collection "Indulge." I've already written about the lipsticks and the lipglasses, read here but in this post it is all about the eyeshadows and the cremeblend blushes. 

Personally I think I will be purchasing the "deep cravings" and the "Divine Decandence" eyeshadows because it is great neutral colours that can be used for many occassions. 

What do you think about the eyeshadows? Comment below. 

Tease your Tastes cremeblend blush - is described as a “soft neutral pink.” It’s a medium peach with a hint of rosiness. 

Glamour Feast Cremeblend Blush - is described as a “deep rose.” It’s a rosy plum with a natural finish–slightly glowy. 

Both of these blushes look really amazing and I can imagine myself buying both!

Which one is your favorite? comment below.

Lots of love - Caroline

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