torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

Halloween make-up fun

Halloween makeup and face paint

Happy Halloween everyone! 

So as you might have guessed by the title and my greeting, today is Halloween! And therefore I convinced my best friend to let me do some halloween inspired facepaint on both of us. I tried creating the "Dead Dolly" look and it actually turned out quite good, if I should say so myself. 

If you want to create this look yourself next year, here is what you'll need: 

- White face paint 
- Pink blush (I used Mac "Pinch O' Peach)
- Lipstick - Any colour you want
- lip brush
sponge (for the facepaint)
And a small blush brush

How to do this simple halloween look: 
  • You start out by painting your face white with the white face paint. Dont go overboard with the facepaint, you want to look pale, not white. 
  • Then start padding on the blush. I used quite a lot to get the signature dolly cheeks. 
  • Then onto the lips. Take the lipstick of your choice and a lip brush. But some on the brush and fill in a little bit of lipstick on the center of the lip. On your upper lip you paint half a heart. It should leave you with a heart shaped mouth (with round edges)

What is your thoughts on this halloween look? 
What did you dress up as this Halloween? 

Lots of love - Caroline

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