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Hairproducts for blonde hair

Hair products for blonde hair 

So I dye my hair blond and as you know, that is not good for your hair so therefore it is very important to have some good hair products for your hair! That way your hair stays healthy and shiny. 

I bought some products that are kind of expensive but really worth the money! 

The first product is the Davines Alchemic Conditioner - Silver. It is a colored nourishing conditionner, based on milk proteins which intensifies both natural and dyed hair. It has a special form which penetrates deep into the hair, protects it and adds moisture. A conditioner to ensure a beautiful haircolour. 


As you can see, it has a very strong purple colour which also removes any orangy/red tones which can appear in blonde hair. This conditionner is amazing! Even though it is kind of expensive i dont regret buying it at all and it lasts quite a while! 

The other thing I bought, is the Alterna - Caviar Blonde Shampoo. It ensures an intense bright color and prevents yellowish tinge. This shampoo provides seasilk, which is a mixture o fsea ​​plant extracts  giving it gloss and moisture, and repairing damaged hair. 
This is also QUITE expensive so I only use it every second time im in the shower. It is really good and leaves the hair feeling smooth, nourished and healthy. 

I really hope you've enjoyed this blogpost, let me know if you did! And if youre feeling extra generous give my blog a follow! 

Lots of love - Caroline! 

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