torsdag den 4. april 2013

Mixed Haul (Whoops)

Mixed haul (whoops)

Hello again lovelies! 

So, i wasn't suppose to have shopped at all these past weeks because I am leaving for Paris in a week, and I want as much money with me as I can get! But the little shopaholic (big understatement!) in me couldn't help it! So therefore I wanted to show you the little bits and pieces i bought :-) 

First thing I bought were this light grey maxi dress from a store called Créme Fraiche. This was about 170 kr. Im planning on wearing this when the weather gets a bit better with a cardigan or blazer on top of it. This is my first maxidress and I am really looking forward to wear it! 

This flowerprinted shirt, I absoulutely love! Its from H&M and it was 180 kr. Im planning on wearing this to either black jeans or tucked in a skirt. 

 This adorable light blue shirt, I found in an outlet in Denmark. It is from the brand Saint Tropez and I got it for about 100 kr. This shirt is suitable for almost anything, also underneath a sweater. (Because of the cute collar) 

These patterend trousers is from also from H&M. I really love these because they are easy to make a cute and stylish "throw on outfit" with. They were 129 kr. 
I am planning on wearing this with a white or black t-shirt and shoes with a little heels. 

This peach/pink blazer is from the same outlet and brand as the light blue shirt. I got for about 120 kr which was a real bargon because ive seen it in a magazine a while ago, for 700 kr! 
Im gonna wear this over a dress or with some jeans. 

The cowboy jacket from the sixties and seventies are back and im loving it! This can make almost every outfit cute, an in the summer you can use it as a jacket. This is from H&M and it was about 250 kr.

AND the last thing I bought were this cute outfit from Gina Tricot. It as a very light pink/purple t-shirt and a maxi skirt. This is most suitable for summer and I think it will look really cute! 

So if you have made it all way to the end, i hope you've enjoyed this little haul blogpost! If you did please follow this blog! :-) 

Lots of love - Caroline

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  1. Woooow mus, du har da givet den gas!! :D


  2. Ja, vupsi! You know how it is :-D

  3. love the light blue shirt and dress