torsdag den 4. april 2013

Mancrush thursday!

Mancrush thursday!

Hello lovelies! This blogpost were actually supposed to have been uploaded last monday, so it would have been a Mancrush Monday....But time ran out. 

For my mancrush thursday ive chosen a CHEEKY and very attractive young guy.. Anybody who can guess who i am talking about?? 
Youre right, its JACK HARRIES. 

I do not own this picture.
Jack is a youtuber, and started by filming a little bit while he had a gab year. He and his twin brother soon became very popular, of course! 

Jack is, as I said very attractive (Blushing a little bit) and he has a great personality as well. 
If you dont know this handsome guy go check out his youtube channel Here :-) 

If you would like me to do more of these mancrushes, please let me know! 

and if youre feeling nice, sweet, generous and more sweet things please give this blog a follow! 

Lots of love Caroline

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