onsdag den 8. maj 2013

Cozy night in

Cozy night in.. 

Hello everyone :-) 
I think we all know the days/evenings where you just wanna relax and cuddle up in bed with a good movie or when you have homework or work you have to do, but wanna do it while having a nice time... Well here is an example of how my cozy evenings sometimes go. 

Firstly I jump into some comfy clothes so its easyier to relax. After that I remove all my make-up so my face feels clean and fresh. I have been using the Sensibio H2O from Bioderma, and I have really been enjoying this! Is cleans my skin really well and I can  see a big difference in my skin. 

After removing my make-up i cleanse my face using the St. Ives Abricot Scrub. This scrub
has been working really well with my skin and it smells amazing!  

When im done cleaning my skin im gonna put the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. This is part of a set of three and I have been using the set for some years now, but unfortunatly i ran out so I have been exploring new products. 
As you can see I have really been loving this moisturizer and it is something I find myself repurchase! 

To make everything REALLY cozy I  like to have scented candles and this one is with lavender and vanilla. 

Hope you have enjoyed this little insight in one of my cozy evenings!
Lots of love Caroline 

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  1. I love bioderma :)

  2. I wish I could find one in Indonesia :|

  3. Oh well I haven't really seen them in Denmark either, I bought mine in France. But if you get your hands on one, you should really buy one, they are really good! :-)

  4. Amazing post! Just fabulous:)

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