tirsdag den 14. maj 2013

One Direction Concert

One Direction concert! 

So as you might can understand from the title of this blog post, I went to the One Direction concert in Denmark last friday...
I dont even know what to say about that day, other than it was the best day EVER!
Me and the girls had SUCH a lovely time on "strøget" which is a shopping street in Denmark. Afterwoods we went to Forum, where the concert was.
First of all I met some new really cool people and the girls and I had a lot of fun! After this I dont remember much, (it wasn't because i had been drinking) but fortunately the lovely Katarina from 
http://scribblesandsparkles.blogspot.dk/ took some pictures so here they are. 

What is there not to love about these boys! I had THE most amazing day and night and I would give ALOT to relive it :-D 

Hope you've enjoyed!

Lots of love - Caroline <3

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  1. I nominated you for a Liebster Award in my latest blogpost, babeeeee <3 <3