søndag den 5. maj 2013

Prom night

Prom night 

I had what I think you from England, America and other places call prom night yesterday and I had an amazing day/night! 

We started the day with a show where all the seniors make fun of eachother, themselves and everybody they want to, afterwards we all went home and got ready for the big night. Then we went home to a guy from my class to wait for our party bus to arrive! This was so much fun and we took alot of photos by Langelinje in Copenhagen! When we arrived at our school everybody was already there and we were ready to get our photos taken again :-D We went in and had a blast with our friends! 

So this blog post is kinda an apologi for not blogging in a while because  I have been soo busy with school and all the things that have happened beeing a senior!

BUT to make it up to you, here are some pics from last night 

Me and my boyfriend <3

Me and some good friends! 

Lots of love Caroline

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